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Manitoba Religion

While there are many different religions represented in the Manitoba area, more than half of the population is affiliated with Christianity. As more people immigrate to this area, there continues to be diversity among religious affiliations. Some of the other religions in you will discover in this area include:

  • Anglican
  • Baptist
  • Buddhist
  • Catholic
  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • Sikh

Following Christianity, Sikhism is the 2nd largest religious entity in Manitoba. Approximately 25% of the population doesn’t associate with any religion. They are either atheists or they choose not to be affiliated with one particular concept.

Churches and Events

The diversity among Manitoba religions ensures there are plenty of churches and events for any one of them a person decides to be involved with. New churches continue to be part of the construction phases. As more people move to Manitoba the need for a place they can worship has increased.

Community events and programs surrounding these different religions have also increased. Many individuals and families find comfort and enjoyment within their church family they selected to be affiliated with. It is a place to worship but also to create friendships and networks. It is a way for them to spend time with people that believe the same way they do.

The community involvement is designed to give back through these religious organizations. It is common for them to dive in and offer a helping hand when someone is in need. They also donate time, money, and supplies when there are emergency situations. Special events including concerts in the parks draw in large crowds.

Diverse Culture

Manitoba continues to grow, and with that comes diversity for the culture. People come from all backgrounds, different ethnic groups, and with different skills. Yet each person has plenty to offer and that is part of the excitement of living here. The area is growing with more housing and recreational opportunities. There are ample options for work and education, giving people a choice and a voice regarding the life they wish to have.

When a person considers a new location to call home, there are many variables they evaluate. Among them is the ability to practice the religion they are a part of. It is reassuring to realise there is no lack of options found around Manitoba. It is an encouraging part of the decision many people make to call Manitoba home for them and their families.

Freedom of Religion

One of the fundamental rights in Canada is freedom of religion. The differences in religion throughout Manitoba are respected and typically not a source of tension. Those living in this area have the freedom to explore different religions to find the one that fits their beliefs and ideals. No one is forced to participate in any type of religion if they choose not to.

Many options are provided to interpret and practice religion in Manitoba. There are laws preventing discrimination based on religion in Canada too. They ensure a person can’t be denied a job, housing, goods, or services based on their religious beliefs and practices. Anyone that feels they may have been discriminated against due to religion can file a complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.