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You will find many Catholic churches throughout Manitoba. The ability for immigrants to come here freely is a big part of it. Many of them are looking for a new start. They can find housing, jobs, and a place to continue their faith without problems when they make Manitoba their new home. They continue to be a large part of Canada’s overall population and Catholic worship.

The first Catholic church in Manitoba was established in 1818. A reverend came to Quebec to the Red River settlement. This first church has historical value as it was the basis for the Catholic religion to be put forth in this area. It has deep roots and this first church, St. Boniface, was located at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers.


You will find plenty of traditions within Catholic church. This includes talking to the priest before marriage and confession. The rosary and communion are offered. There are classes for the children to help them learn about the faith and take a journey down it during various stages of their youth. Services are held several times per week and the churches are often open for worship during the daytime hours to anyone that would like to come in.

All of the Catholic churches are tied to the Pope. They are operated on local levels through priests and the Archdiocese. There is a chain of command that has to be followed within the Catholic organizations. It isn’t just a place where families go to worship one day a week. Instead, the role of the Catholic church is to guide, teach starting at a young age, and help individuals embrace the teachings of this faith. They encourage giving back to the community through church resources and other volunteer opportunities.

Elaborate Church Designs

Many of the Catholic churches throughout Manitoba and Winnipeg are large structures. They get attention due to the beautiful details inside and out. They often have high-pointed steeples on them. At the very top of the highest point, there is typically a cross. One of the popular Catholic churches is Our Lady of Seven Sorrows which was established in 1912. It was a school and a church, offering a helping hand to the families attending.

The church was destroyed by a fire in 1930 but the families worked together to rebuild it. While it isn’t as large as some of the other Catholic churches in Manitoba, it continues to be highly regarded. For many, it is a place where their families have worshipped for decades. They wish to continue being a part of that community. The number of Catholic churches continues to grow due to the influx of people moving into Manitoba. Some of them have masses of people that attend services so they offer them twice on the same day to try to accommodate everyone that wishes to be involved.

Catholic Schools

There are several Catholic schools located in Manitoba. For many households, this is a prime reason for them to reside in a given neighbourhood. They have a desire for their children to obtain the best education possible. They also want it to include the foundation of the Catholic religion and way of life.