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The Baptist religion is deeply rooted in the culture and beliefs of many people living in Manitoba. They are proud of where they came from and their background. They haven’t forgotten the fight their ancestors experienced in their goal to come to a place where they could have a better life.

The foundation of Baptist faith in Manitoba derived from United Empire Loyalists and those migrating from both the United States and England. The diversity of these individuals brought plenty of strength and resilience with them. The leaders were devoted to securing a way of life for them in this new area. This included a strong foundation with their faith, and the Baptist beliefs we know there today were created.

The number of Baptists in Manitoba seem to be on the declined in the last 10 years or so. However, there is still a good number of them residing in this area and the neighbourhoods of Winnipeg. With the 2010 census about 12 percent of the people were Baptist. Today, the numbers are about 3%. It is believed the increased options of churches to attend and modifications of religion opportunities has resulted in the numbers changing.

Negative Stereotypes

There are strong believers of the Baptist faith, but there is also a negative stereotype that seems to flourish around some of these churches in Manitoba. As a result, some of these churches are now using the terms community church in the name and not Baptist. Those who attend community church aren’t included in the numbers reported for Baptists in Manitoba, but many of them are still practicing Baptist concepts.

This change has inspired new ideas and concepts to expand the boundaries of typical Baptist beliefs. The leaders feel this gives youth and younger families the best opportunities to live a good life. It has helped encourage people to be part of the organizations again rather than not attending church because they felt being affiliated with the organisation could be something others around them looked down on. The changes haven’t been easy for older members to accept. They worry the foundation of the Baptist faith is being shaken with these changes and movements.

Differences Among the Churches

With all of this in mind, anyone wishing to take part in the Baptist faith in Manitoba has plenty of options to explore. They will notice there are differences among the churches for them to reflect upon. Matching their own beliefs with what is offered can determine where they feel comfortable at. You will see vast differences with the outside of these churches too.
For example, some of them are the older style brick buildings with simple but amazing architecture. Others are simple styles with a basic type of design and stucco materials. There are some that fall under the category of community churches or worship centres. They feature elaborate artwork outside detailing the creativity and openness of the organisations.
The Manitoba Baptist Association (MBA) is associated with all of the churches that fall under this umbrella. For those interested in a Baptist church, this organisation is a good place to start. They have information on 17 churches and the structure each of them has for individuals or families.