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Approximately 3.5% of the Manitoba population is Anglican. This religion has long welcomed people from all walks of life to join them. They are a close community, offering an outpouring of love and support for those that embrace it. This is a wonderful resource for migrants coming into Manitoba. They may feel overwhelmed with all of the changes and being in an unknown area. Feeling a sense of belonging and gaining support through their selected church can help them adjust easier.

Early History

Anglican religion dates back to the 16th Century and started in England. It was part of the Protestant Reformation. The focus is on the global churches and all of its members, finding unity in that common ground. This religion is deeply rooted, and a belief in the faith and practicing it are constant reminders of all it entails. Individuals are asked to have an understanding of the scriptures and incorporate them into their daily lives.

Many people confuse Anglican with Catholic beliefs because some of the ways are similar. For example, both practice the rosary and present it at services. They also take part in confession and kneeling during prayer. Yet there are enough differences for Anglican to be its own religion. They are focused on reform and that is at the foundation of their practices.

Church Design

The Anglican offers amazing designs with their churches. They consider them sanctuaries where a common man can become one with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The sanctuary tends to face the East. The churches feature plenty of crosses and large archways. There are a few statues and candles, but it isn’t an elaborate part of their design.

The Anglican church features a large cross at the front of the room. They feature this instead of a crucifix. The design of the churches in Manitoba get attention due to their beauty. They are also inviting, welcoming people to come in and take part in worship at that location if they desire to do so.

The Cathedral Church of all Saints in Halifax

The largest Anglican church in Manitoba is The Cathedral Church of all Saints in Halifax. It was opened in 1910. It is historically known as the burial location for several of the victims of the Titanic. They were buried at this location after the tragic events of 1912.

Online Services

Several of the Anglican churches in Manitoba understand not everyone has the opportunity to come to church each week. There can be childcare issues, work responsibilities, and other scenarios. They have implemented online services so they can reach more people and share their message. It is free to view the services live as they take place if you choose to go this route rather than attending in person.


One of the busiest times for Anglican churches in Manitoba is during the Twelve Days of Christmas, known as Christmas Tide. This starts on December 25th and ends on January 5th. It is a time to give gifts, show love, sing, and give praise through various church services.