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Being respectful regarding differences of religion is important. In Manitoba, there are many different religions practiced. There are different churches where people meet to share their common faith. The argument can go on and on about which religion is better, but a person of faith doesn’t go that route. Instead, they focus on their beliefs and they are respectful of what others believe.

This is important due to the diversity within Manitoba. There are people from many locations and the area continues to grow. Some people have deep family roots. Others migrate to the area for job opportunities and to provide a better life for their families. The freedom to look for and practice their chosen religion is one of the reasons they are drawn to the area.

A Common Thread

Churches and those that lead them in Manitoba aren’t against each other. Instead, they have a common thread and they look for ways to help people. They have created a multifaith committee to oversee any concerns or challenges. The goal is to give people information, to offer freedom with religion, and to reduce the risk of tension mounting due to religious differences.

Since the 1950s, this has been part of the religious overview within Manitoba. It has grown tremendously since it was first introduced. The addition of more religions being practiced and the increased population have warranted branching out to cover more concepts and deliver a better outcome to all.

One of the early concepts of this committee was to discuss the needs of inmates when it came to spiritual experiences. Today, the committee also ensures migrants have resources when they come to Manitoba. They also offer programs for the elderly to ensure their religious beliefs are obtainable. Issues including health and transportation don’t have to stop them from being involved. Other members of this committee take the time to visit those who are hospitalized and unable to attend church services.

Continually Dedicated to Meeting the Needs

As times change, the needs of this multifaith committee have been modified. The goal is to remain relevant and deliver services in the best ways possible. One of the additions due to technology is the ability for people to view services online. That reduces the need for them to be visited in person if they can’t go to a service.

However, that one-on-one conversation and the peace it brings through religion is hard to match. Many of these committee members continue to visit those that wish to discuss religion and bring it to them. These committee members are from many different areas of Manitoba. Many of them are business owners or have careers. Yet they also believe in the power of religion and how it can unite communities. They want to give back by being a part of this multifaith program.

A great deal of their services today includes educating about different religions. For those that come to Manitoba and aren’t already affiliated with a religion, they any feel overwhelmed in their search. This program can share details about different religions with them. It is a chance for them to open up their minds and hearts to embrace the best fit.

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Board Member

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