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Manitoba Multifaith Canada

Multifaith religions can offer a sense of unity and commonality to people from diverse backgrounds, and they can help to promote tolerance and understanding among different religious communities. At the same time, they can also lead to religious conflict and tension, particularly when different groups have difficulty reconciling their differing beliefs and practices. Our goal is to welcome all and create love amoung everyone.

Multifaith: Religious Diversity

Manitoba Immigration And Faith

Manitoba is a popular destination for immigrants from all over the world. Manitoba’s policy and willing to help has made Winnipeg and Manitoba a hot spot for those looking for a better life. With such a diverse group bringing different cultures and religions it has greatly increased the religious groups in Winnipeg and through out Manitoba.

When there is an increase in population to a city or province that means an increase in religious members. Any increase in the number of people means that more religious groups and organizations with flourish. This in turn creates more places for worship, larger communities and larger support groups for newcomers to Canada. With the increase in practiced faith in Manitoba also brings peace and happiness. Interfaith meetings have created new relationships, friendships and learning experiences. It gives individuals a chance to learn about one another and their faiths. It gives people the chance to understand and ask questions about particular faiths. This helps build bridges in cultural gaps that were once there.

Lastly, the larger faith and religions grow, the greater freedom grows. Manitoba has always respected faith and freedom. With the new immigrants to Manitoba this only strengths these groups and promotes religious freedom. If you are moving to Winnipeg, there are numerous religious support and new immigrant support groups around.


Creating religious diversity through a non-profit organization run but generous volunteers.


We encourage and embrace multicultural and multifaith religions. We believe in transparency and the well-being of others.


Our goal is to grow and maintain partnerships with other organizations and like-minded individuals.